Detailed Property Management Service For Investors

Diligent placement

Our professional staff deals with your calls and inquiries regarding your home. We arrange appointments and coordinate showings of your property. We are working on finding quality residents.

We promote your property in different media resources include media advertising (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), rental brochures, our website and official pages.

  • Online classified ads
  • Social media platforms
  • Virtual tours
  • International websites
  • Full-time agents
  • Our Website & e-mail
  • Office open Monday – Sunday
  • E-mail subscription, Newsletter

After finding tenants and accept them, we complete negotiations, execute contracts, process documents and install the resident in the home.

Professional management

We do everything for our investors.

  • collect rents
  • deal with resident issues
  • periodically inspect the property and personally supervise the home.

Residents are informed of their responsibilities regarding your property and their contracts.

We will quickly and professionally settle any problems that may arise, with our clients’ interest in mind. If there is a problem, whether it is collecting rents or settling resident disputes, we will handle the situation appropriately. We are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Managing the property
  • Collect all Rents
  • Late Notices
  • Renovation Work
  • Early Terminations
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Regular Inspections
  • Move-Out Inspections
  • Monthly Accounting


QUALITY MAINTENANCE: We are connected and work with only the well-skilled, professional and reliable maintenance personnel. Supervising necessary home maintenance is the general responsibility of our property management. We do it periodically. The actual maintenance expenses for the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Maintenance that is the resident’s responsibility or fault is billed to the resident. Every effort is made to control maintenance costs while maintaining the integrity and value of the property. Problem reports are verified to avoid unnecessary service calls.

Reports to Immigration:  Owners and our company are responsible for reporting residency of new resident, renewed staying according to Thai Laws. We also handle reporting this on be half of the owner.

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