FAQs and Handbook for Residents

How to get the key?

Keys to your property will be issued on the day you are entitled to occupancy. All deposits and rent due must be paid prior to issuance of keys.

Occupancy of your home

We have made every effort to have your home in good condition for your arrival. At the time you signed your rental agreement, you were provided with full inventory appendix. You should check this list (photo inventory), which contains everything in your home including cracks, damages, starting of water and electricity at the move-in. This will be very important when we conduct the move-out inspection when you vacate the property. In that case you explore other damages, you are welcome to provide photos or other documentation to avoid further problems at moving-out.

When is my rent due?

Rent is due according to the lease agreement. It is always that day of each month when your next one month starts. For your convenience we offer the service of debiting your bank account on the first of the month for the rent amount. This service guarantees that your rent will be timely paid and you will not be charged a late fee due to a post-office delivery delay or a lost check. Late fees are levied the day after your rent is due on your rental agreement. Our late fee is 0 THB for the first 5 days, after 500 THB for each additional day. WE DO NOT WAIVE LATE FEES.

Water and electricity service

For the large majority of our properties, residents are responsible for their water and electric service provided through local utilities companies.


In general, residents, who live in a condominium, will receive the water bill in their post box from the Condominium’s Juristic Office at the beginning of each month.

Living in a village or private house, residents will receive the water bill in their post box from the Water Authority at the beginning of each month. Residents have got around 10 days to make the payment. The last day of the payment is on the bill. In that case, residents miss the payment, the water authority will take the water meter and residents have to go to the water supplier’s office to pay extra fee for getting back the water meter. After full payment, residents will get back their water meter within one day, usually on the same day of payment.


In general, every resident will receive the electricity bill in their post box during each month. Before you move-in, our office will inform you about the date of issue of this bill.

After receiving the bill, residents have got around 10 days (date on the bill) to pay for the electricity. After this date, residents have got 7 – 10 days more for late payment before the authority takes the electricity meter. The procedure of getting back the electricity meter is the same as in the case of getting back the water meter.

Resident are able to pay for electricity and water at some franchise shops: 7/11 and Family Mart until the date of the payment. The electricity can be paid late at 7/11 shops, and using AIP PAY APP on smart phones, tablets, computer.

Internet and Cable TV service

Internet & cable service typically takes a few days to get set up. Before moving in, please, inform us if you require Internet and/or Cable TV service.

In general, residents have to pay for the bill of Internet and/or Cable TV service. Residents are able to make payment at 7/11 and Family Mart shops, at the Internet and Cable TV providers’ office or using AIR PAY APP on smart phone, tablet, computer.


Maintenance and repairs are generally the items of most concern to our residents.

Minor maintenance issues and if something broken has to be reported to Our Staff via this website, email or phone call before taking any actions to repair the broken item.

To call our Office, please, use this number: 099-294-1688.

It may take maximum some days to complete repairs and fix broken items. Our Management are required to get permission from the property owner prior to undertaking many repairs.

Resident will be billed for maintenance in that case that there is no more guarantee of the service should be taken and in that case that the issue caused by the resident.

Reporting residency at Immigration

According to Thai Laws, every resident has to report their residency within 24 hours after move-in.

In general, Our Management prepare this report to the Immigration and Resident has to go to the Immigration.

In that case, the resident forgot to report or report the residency late, resident will be fined for min.1,600 THB, max. 5,000 THB by IMMIGRATION.

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